Announcing two new books for Spring 2014

We are extremely happy to announce two upcoming books from Youth in Decline, debuting in Spring 2014! 

RAV 1st Collection by Mickey Zacchilli

RAV 1st collection will collect the first five issues of RAV, Mickey Zacchilli’s mysterious, hilarious, and romantic (!?) adventure comic + bonus materials. Follow the thrilling story of Juice, Sally, The Snake Prince, and a sordid cast of dorks, punks, and domesticated animals from the very beginning!

This first book will be followed by RAV 2nd Collection later in 2014. Step into Mickey Z’s world over at her website.

Snackies by Nick Sumida

Snackies is a hilarious and earnest look into the brain + heart + soul of Nick Sumida. Featuring gags and real talk, Snackies collects the work of his two risograph minicomics, along with 24 pages of exclusive new strips.

See more funnies by Nick on his Tumblr. Also, you must find and follow him on Vine (He is the only reason we use Vine).

Youth in Decline will be debuting these books at upcoming Spring 2014 shows, with Mickey and Nick in-person to sign books, throw shade, tell ghost stories, etc. 

More details on these and other Youth in Decline releases in the coming weeks and months!

For questions or inquiries, please contact us here.